"Brittney is the best, and if I lived closer to her at this new location, I'd visit her there for all my hair removal.   She is kind, meticulous, thorough, immaculate, explains everything carefully, and really goes the extra mile for her clients.  She is also fully licensed (very important to me.... You'd be surprised how many people operating aren't!) and uses the most modern equipment.   Believe me -- start with hair removal one body part with Brittney and you'll find yourself going back for more and more." -Mindy


"Brittney is amazing to deal with! She is so good about scheduling appointments and working around your schedule. Her follow up is exceptional. The services she provides are excellent value for money as she doesn't clock watch...Brittney always checks if you are happy with things and is just a fantastic person to deal with. I would never go anywhere else now."



"I have been seeing Brittney for over a year and have been so happy with the entire process. Not only are the results fantastic, but Brittney is awesome! She is incredibly thorough and knowledgeable. The equipment and room is always very hygienic and clean. This is definitely the best hair removal option for those pesky hairs and I highly recommend B Electrolysis!" -Nae


"Started with appts twice per week. 9 months later I'm down to once every 3 weeks. Thrilled with the results.Very clean, professional, and friendly." -Vicky


"I started seeing Brittney a few months ago for electrolysis, and I am so happy I finally made the decision to do it. I was skeptical because I have always heard its painful, expensive, and takes a long time. Brittney is very gentle, I have had little to no discomfort and she always makes sure you are ok during the treatment. She always takes the time to answer my questions, I never feel like she is rushing me out to take the next client. Her prices are very reasonable, I was actually surprised at her prices. I would recommend her to anyone looking to get electrolysis." -Denise


"Though I have not seen Brittney for over a year now because she relocated :( I could not pass up the opportunity to share my previous review with anyone who is researching electrolysis and is looking for an expert in the subject. I had the privilege to meet Brittney in early October 2012. I had to switch salon location as the previous establishment I had visited was no longer feasible. From day one, Brittney was welcoming, patient and made me feel at ease! I was still new to electrolysis as I had started my treatments in late May 2012 but I was so pleasantly surprised at the visible results obtained with Brittney. It's not only her knowledge and her commitment to provide the up most in excellent customer service that set her apart. She really has great hands & eyes for this procedure. Ask anyone who has tried electrolysis and you will find that it takes a lot of skill. I can attest that Brittney is definitely the electrolysis technician to see for this task! I have dealt with unsightly, unwanted hair my entire life and I have found that having the discipline, patience and most importantly a great technician are key to permanent hair removal. I highly recommend Brittney as your electrolysis guru! Stick to the treatment plan and witness before your eyes how those pesky hairs are gone for good. You will not regret your decision." -Karin

Testimonials located on Yelp!

"I went to Brittney for electrolysis and she is amazing! I've been to a few places and she is so sweet and makes the practice as pleasant as possible. I highly recommend B Electrolysis for everyone looking to get rid of some unwanted hairs! She is the best person I have gone to in Boston and LA hands down!!"



"Brittney is an excellent electrologist. I had previously gone to one in another state and when I moved here I was skeptical in trying to find someone. I felt immediate comfort and care from Brittney and my skin has improved immensely. She is always concerned about my skin and explained her procedures so that I would understand. It is always such a pleasure to see her. Thank you!!" -Chris


"I've been going to Brittney for about 4-5 months now.  She is absolutely awesome.  Very professional, always on time and always very gentle and considerate.  She charges only for the exact amount of time each session takes and never over-charges!  The process is going much quicker than I anticipated.  She has very up-to-date equipment (I had it done many years ago and it was much more uncomfortable and had to be repeated quite often).  I'm would rate her 10 STARS!" -Coby


"As a south Asian woman with a little peach fuzz, I have to resort to hair removal methods, and the best bar none is Brittany! She not only makes sure the hairs are treated, but that those buggers don't come back. Not to mention, Brittany is an amazingly kind, friendly, and caring person. I look forward to my time with her, even if she is poking needles in my skin. Definitely recommend!!!" -Kam



"I know... I am a guy. Yes, I am seeing Brittney. I can say that Brittney is an excellent professional. She knows what she is doing. She makes sure you are completely informed. I had my first treatment yesterday. It was a breeze. I highly recommend her." -Bill


"Brittney is excellent!! Not only did she get rid of my stubborn hairs other electrologists couldn't, but she is so gentle and makes you feel so comfortable. By far the best experience I have had with permanent hair removal. I have quite a busy schedule and she is always able to accommodate me. She also has discounted packages available that save you a ton of money. I recommend her to anyone looking to get permanent hair removal, she's amazing! -Brittney



"All I can say is, Brittney is absolutely amazing.  She is everything you would want in a  professional; quick, thorough and very fair in her pricing.  I had electrolysis somewhere else many years ago and it was very painful.  It took me a long time to try it again with Brittney.   In less than a year, my results have been great!  I only have to go for touch-ups once in a while.  She is very gentle and takes her time checking to see if I'm o.k..  She has excellent equipment and I'm happy to say  it is not painful at all." -Marlene


"So I came across the whole idea of electrolysis  by accident while googling ways to permanently remove body hair. I then discovered B Electrolysis and thought that I should check it out especially since there was a free consultation anyway. Not really knowing what to expect, I went in and saw Brittney for the first time. 

    She explained the electrolysis process to me in great detail and answered any questions I had which made me feel a lot more comfortable. Despite my new hair removal education, I was still a little nervous as I arrived for my first appointment. Brittney immediately put me at ease and explained everything so that there were no surprises. She has a very positive professional persona that dispels any nervousness one might experience from having hairs zapped out of their underarms. She even chats with me the whole hour which really helps distract from the slight discomfort. I have been going to Brittney for about 6 months now and I plan on going for the remainder of my treatment, happy to know that I am in good hands."